I never knew that I could emulate Pablo Picasso.

In fact….I am JUST LIKE Pablo Picasso!

Seriously…..read the quote!

I paint things not as I see them….but how I think them!

I have always envied artist who can paint pictures.
Alas….that is not a talent that I will ever have.

BUT….give me a can of Spray Paint and a beautiful sunny day….and I can make things look the way I think them.

I have been really busy painting STUFF around Sweetwater!

So what have I painted?

The metal patio set that sits under the deck.  I end up doing a cover coat every year.  The set started out white, then it was black, then green and now it is hammered bronze.  I suppose you could argue that we have had 4 sets of furniture.

I don’t know about you….but I would rather have spent the $20 on spray paint to get what “I think” the furniture should look like!

The Baker’s Rack on the front steps is a similar case.
This piece is getting to be close to an antique……in fact we bought it before we had the Sweetwater daughter and son…so more than 35 years.
It moved outside a couple of years ago and the original white surface was painted hammered bronze.  This year…..what I was “thinking” was RED!  And now it is red.  Those red pots on the steps started as bargain plastic green….then they were blue and now they are red!
I really need to work on staging this area…..but that is for when I stop painting!

This next painting project wasn’t done with spray paint.
In fact it was one of those risk taking projects.
The pair of lamps in the living room needed to be replaced…..not because they don’t work….but because I was not in love with the dark color they were.  Before I sent them back to their original HOME…(Good Will)..I thought I would try a little painting update! 

I masked off the cord and the harp.
I used some watered down beige paint and painted the whole surface.  Then I let lots of drips run down the lamp.  I played a little with the surface until I was happy with the look.
Once the paint was dry….I coated it with a spray of clear high gloss.
I kinda like it….at least well enough to wait for better lamps at Good Will!

I imagine that I can find a few more things to give some spray paint love to….but you know….

I have noticed that lately, when Mr. S sees me with a can of Spray Paint…he hustles away just as fast as his new knee will let him!  HMMM…maybe he is afraid I will do a little Spring touch-up on him!!!

What is the craziest thing you have ever painted?
Would love to hear your stories!

Have A Great Day!

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