Golden Treasure Yellow Peony-The Star of the Garden!

Finally the peonies in our garden are in bloom.  I have to admit that we are a little nuts….having 17 plants that only bloom for 2 weeks.  But they are sooooo beautiful!

We have the perfect spot to grow these gorgeous plants.  High and dry along the southeast side of our yard.  In early spring, when the shoots start to come up, we put inexpensive wire fencing around them to support the heavy blooms.  This also insures that the plants will look nice throughout the summer and into fall.

Early morning view of the peony plants in full bloom!

This is the time that I fill vases all over my house with these gorgeous and fragrant beauties.  I have also learned how to prolong the blooming season by refrigerating some in bud form for up to 3 weeks. Here is how!
This is also great if during the blooming time there is a heavy storm coming and you are afraid your flowers will be beaten down by wind or rain.

The flowers make wonderful bouquets….for my house, in the library at school, as gifts to share with friends.
After the blooming is over, the leaves make great fillers in summer arrangements. In the fall, the leaves turn a dark burnished color that add great fall color to late summer bouquets.

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