Anyone can go out in the garden and cut a few flowers to plop in a vase.  It only takes a few minutes more and some basic supplies to create really beautiful arrangements. 

 Today’s Project
This morning I helped my friend create the table arrangements for her First Grade Classroom “Author’s Tea Celebration”. We were a little worried since the cool wet spring this year means that there are few flowers blooming even though it is June 3rd.  And of course our budget was limited to $0 so buying anything was out of the question!  But the 5 arrangements were absolutely beautiful as you can see.  We used Hosta leaves, Lady’s Mantle, sprays of bridal wreath and bayberry, a daisy or two and a couple of Iris in each display.  How festive the tables looked for the budding authors and their parents as they celebrated the end of the school year.  
Time: 30 minutes not including the walk through the garden this morning
Cost: $2.00 for 2 blocks of floral foam 
Rewards: A solitary walk in the garden at dawn, laughter with a friend as we scavenged blossoms from the school parking lot and a shared sense of accomplishment.