Wow…I even sound like the “little old librarian” that I am in my non-blog life!

I spent most of yesterday out looking at other people’s blogs.  They are amazing!
Some recommended reads:

  • Jenny on the Little Green Notebook did an almost perfect post on her style of reupholstering. Her take on this is exactly how I approach my own projects.  Some time I will post about the project I did with my niece…..redoing her horribly huge and outdated off white couch and love seat with heavy gray POLAR FLEECE….I still remember the look on the face of the clerk in the fabric store when we told her what we were gonna do! They turned out so well!
  • I came across this little gem Knock Off Decor… This is a really well organized site with links to any number of intriguing projects that really I would love to try.  
  • The Pyrex Collective site is dedicated to yet another of my collections.  It all started years ago with my distaste for plastic refrigerator storage.  Using the covered glass refrigerator containers solved the problem.  The beautiful colors and sturdiness of Pyrex and FireKing makes even suspect leftovers appealing.

So….since it was yet another gloomy, chilly gray day on Sweetwater….I went to GoodWill of course!
My Finds:
A darling little sailor dress for the Cecelia, the daughter of my daughter’s law partner!
An off white Floraline vase for my collection
An interesting small white board with cork border….hmmmmm….

Finally…..check out this 10 minute project…..well really 1 week and 10 minutes counting rooting time!