When I got up this morning and it was raining, I realized my plans to get out in the garden will have to wait.
So what to do instead?
I cleaned the laundry room closet!  The impetus for this was the challenge of having a 6ft 2 husband with a penchant for putting everything I need on shelves way above my head.   I rearranged things so that my 5ft tall self can get them without a stepstool…..success!
Sounds boring, but it also had me putting some new projects on the list.

  • I gathered a whole trunkful of things to go to Goodwill…..meaning I will just have to shop there when I do the drop off!
  • I found a brand new jar candle with a Christmas motif that I am going to redo with a summer theme.  (I will post that when I actually get around to doing it!
  • I made a new batch of my homemade bath salts. 

So here is the recipe for the bath salts:

1/2 cup Sea Salt
2 Cups Baking Soda
1/4 cup baby oil
15 drops of your favorite essential oil
Mix thouroughly in a large bowl….then store in an open container in the bathroom.

I buy sea salt and baking soda in huge amounts for very little money at CostCo.  If you want to get fancy, you can buy Citric Acid and add 1/2 cup to the mix and then your bath salts will fizz!

There are lots of recipes for different fancy bath salts on the internet.  You can get elaborate with the ingredients, but the recipe above works just fine.
How to Make Bath Salts
5 Homemade Bath Salt Recipes

Now off to take that stuff to Goodwill….my goal is to buy less than I drop off!
But…..before I go…
wanted to share a photo I just got from a friend.  I think I can take a little credit for inspiring her to do a little flower arranging!

From her email “Here's the photo of the peonies and daisies.  I'm sending it as a thank you card to the families who gave me the flowers."

Great Idea Kim!