There has been some complaining by the man in the house that the peony filled newspapers are taking up valuable space in the beer and pop refrigerator.

I think he thought I forgot about them….not!

Here is the proof that you really can extend the blooming time for these gorgeous flowers.

Peonies in July-Priceless!

I have to admit that I always think that there is no way that the floppy, sad looking stems will really come around.  Patience is NOT one of my strong suits.  But if you wait the 12+ hours and don’t give up you will see that it really does work.  Remember that these were cut a full 5 weeks ago-AMAZING!

The leave are droopy and the buds look dead-oh my!
Put the newly cut stems in room temp water for a LONG time-12 hours or so.
Hooray…it looks like it is working!

Almost there….

Patience has it’s virtues.

Time to make the arrangement.

I have to admit that the leaves on the hydrated stems are less than wonderful. What to do?  I  picked strong healthy leaves from the plants in the garden and used them as filler. I use peony leaves as fill for my arrangements all summer and fall because they are such strong, long lasting leaves.

TIP:  If you don’t have any floral foam, get yourself to the craft store now…I buy mine at Michaels-4 blocks for $5.   Be sure to buy WET foam for fresh flowers-not DRY foam which is for dried arrangements. 
Using floral foam to arrange your flowers will make you look like a pro!

Soak the foam well, put it in the container and now you have the freedom to insert your stems at any angle.  Flower arrangements last longer too because the ends of the stems can absorb water, and it is easy to change the water without disturbing your design.

Now I am going to go sit and have a cup of coffee while I look at my peonies….
Have a wonderful day!

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