I just love these two little ceramic fire pots that I got for my birthday! Somebody really knows what I like!

They use gel fuel to create an instant fire feature….so fun!
Whenever we lit them…..I would think to myself-  there has to be a way to do a knock off version.
I researched the Internet and the only thing I could find was
the bigger fire pit version that
Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff  posted last September.

I you haven’t visited Karen’s Blog….I highly recommend you do so soon…she is sooo funny and does some amazing projects!

But back to my project!

 The purchased fire pots are ceramic with a metal insert in a narrow opening to hold the gel fuel.

I knew I needed something ceramic that had been fired and glazed.

Oh yeah….remember all that mid-century pottery I buy at GW?

 I have a whole collection of ceramic vases…..all colors and shapes….so that was no problem.

 Now for the metal insert

Every morning we feed the cats some Fancy Feast cat food that comes in a nice little can.

Good Start….
I just had to be patient while Maxine finished her breakfast!

 Next……some river rock from the front yard to put around the can in the pot.That worked but it was a little unstable because the rocks were such different sizes.

Off to Home Depot for sand….Standing at the sand display at Home Depot, I spied the Pea Rock…Perfect!
 $2.97 for 40 Pounds….Let the nice young man heft the big bag into the trunk and I was on the way to making a fire pot for less than  three bucks!

I put it all together….you probably don’t need to see me pour pea rock into the pot and put the can in….you are smart enough to do that without me showing you how!

The Gel Fuel is the most expensive element in the whole deal.

It comes in a plain version like this….
And with citronella….nice!

You might want to do a little reading about using gel fuel before you do this….it is a little dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing….but hey we are pretty smart and can follow directions right?
And this is one time when you really do want to read the directions…(that was my teacher voice you just heard…so do it!)

Here are a couple of articles I found if you are curious about it!
NFPA Gel Fuel Info

See how it turned out!

I just need to figure out what I could use for a cover like the purchased ones have….anybody got any ideas? Leave me a comment if you do.

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