If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, you are surely worried about the budget for flowers….and you should be!
I did a little research and discovered that the average cost for wedding flowers is a whopping $1500…Yikes!
Wait ’till you see what we were able to do for a fraction of that!

Tonia and Michael’s Wedding was two days away.

We were off to Market Flowers at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market:

We had a plan….
We had vases…..
We had ribbon, raffia, floral tape, floral foam, packing boxes

The Bride and her faithful worker bees.

We just needed the flowers and some time to make the vision a reality!
Come along and see the fun we had!

Our Goal:

1 Bridal Bouquet
3 Bridesmaids Bouquets
20 Table Arrangements
6 Boutonniere’s
4 Corsages
3 Large Table Arrangements
10 Chair Decorations
Mantle Flowers
Flowers for the Cake Stand

Could we do it?
Of Course we could!

And the best part was the fun we had!
So Many Choices
The Recipe for Success!
1 Flexible Bride
2 Friends with some experience with floral arrangement
  5 Willing Helpers
2 to 3 Planning Meetings (parties in our case)
1 essential notebook with all the lists and notes
A great workshop area
Helpful Flower Market Staff
A huge cooler with every flower you can imagine
Mix well with a lot of laughter for about 3 hours
Leave the flowers in the cooler for 2 days
Refresh the workers with some beverages

 Wait patiently for the big day!
Close view of the bridal bouquet
Simple Corsages!

A little tweeking and it will be perfect!
Perfect….and she did it all herself!
And they said they didn’t know how to make a bouquet!

1 Table Decoration-Done-19 more to go!

An Interruption-The Groom stops in to give his stamp of approval!

Almost done!

The Flowers Just Chillin’


It seems to me that this was a wonderful alternative to walking into a floral shop and ordering the flowers.
It felt joyful work together to create something truly beautiful and memorable for this special couple.

Stay tuned…..the next installment will let you see all the flowers at the wedding….I bet you can’t wait.
In fact….here is a sneak peek!

Could She Be More Beautiful?

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  1. Michelle Ordever

    Being able to DIY elements of any celebration is so satisfying! You did a great job!

    Thanks for sharing this at #FlashbackFridays!

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