“Do not worry too much about your difficulties in mathematics, I
can assure you that mine are still greater.” — Albert Einstein

Back to School Series #1 focused on help for reluctant readers.
Back to School Series #2 is all about finding ways to make math fun!

Just like with reading….

Some kids naturally LOVE math….they naturally “get it”

Kids who love math will naturally get better and better at doing math!

Lots of kids DO NOT LOVE math….they don’t “get it” and they don’t understand what they are doing, even if they can “answer the problems”! 

These kids fall further and further behind…often secretly counting on their fingers into middle school!

Read on for some great resources to take the PAIN out of Math at your house!
Let’s Play Math is a great blog that can give you some background about kids who struggle with Math.
I have looked around the site and suggest you check out some of the games suggested on the site!

The rest of the links below will take you to sites that we use at my school.  The kids love them!

IXL Math is a program that you can purchase for $10 a month.  But you can also practice a limited number of problems in all kinds of math areas for free.


    This website from Utah State University is really wonderful and very well organized.  Some favorites are virtual pattern blocks and geoboards.  There are easy and hard activities all focused on “playing with math!


 The math links at Kidport are lots of fun.  You pick the grade level and the math skill to access games.  Instant feedback helps kids know how they are doing!

Give the Dog A Bone

This is one of the best games I have ever seen for helping kids build number sense using a 100’s chart.  They love finding the “bone” in the allotted time.  Play this with your child for a while and you will be amazed how quickly they learn the number patterns on the chart!
Watch out…you might get addicted too!