Call me crazy, but I hate looking at the bottle of dish washing liquid sitting next to the sink!
I used to hide the bottle under the sink….but none of the other people in the house ever put it back there…
so it was always sitting there.
Now you are probably saying…..”in the giant scheme of things….this is a pretty SMALL thing to get hung up on!”
Yeah….but I found a simple, thrifty, stylish way to solve the problem….SO THERE!

And….my solution saves soap too!
Wanna know how?   Read on!
Disclaimer:  This isn’t my original idea…have to give Martha Stewart and her “good things” the credit….but you all are probably too young to remember this from her mag…and the statute of limitations on “good things” must have run out by now!

Use a pretty bottle:
mine are from Goodwill of course!

but what about an empty wine bottle from a special occasion that you even leave the label on!

or I suppose you could go out and buy one…

Anyway…I bet you can find something you like…..

Pour the dish washing liquid in (see I give SUCH good directions)

Then put a bar pourer in the top and you are DONE!

You can get a whole bunch of these at any party store….they come in handy for the original purpose too!

I know that I use a lot less soap with the bottle instead of the plastic squeeze bottle method….
And my back thanks me for not having to bend over to get the soap from under the sink!

I like to keep a couple of bottles and bar pourers in the gift closet along with some dishtowels and dish cloths!
Pop them all in a pretty gift bag….what a great gift for a housewarming or wedding shower!

I think this fits Sweetwater Style…simple, thrifty and ingeniously elegant!

I suppose I really should close this post by saying “It’s A Good Thing!

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