Remind me to go jewelry shopping!
I can’t do much about the wrinkles on my face….but I do know how to use an iron to take care of the wrinkles in my clothes!
I don’t mind ironing….but I hate it when the pants I iron get creased just hanging in the closet!
Expensive wooden hangers are supposed to work….
But they DON’T!

The bar is still too thin to keep creases out of my light weight pants.

I was getting tired of running down to iron out the creases…..

HMMMM…..what to do?

I came up with a solution using plastic hangers, quilt batting, fabric remnants and ribbon…….

Read on to see the steps…..

You probably have all the Supplies on hand:

Plastic Hanger
quilt batting 2 layers -6 x 12 rectangle
needle and thread
fabric scrap 14 x 5 inches
fusible hem tape
screwdriver ???? 
 Let’s get started:

Lay the hanger on the table so that you can eyeball the length of batting and fabric you will cut.

It makes sense to make more than one at  a time…
I get bored easily….that old ADHD problem I have….so I only did 6 in one sitting….well actually 3 sittings…but that is MY Problem….maybe you will be more focused!

Roll the batting around the bottom of the hanger.

Hand stitch the batting…pulling it sort of tight but loose enough that it rolls and is soft and fluffy.

I tried other techniques to attach it, but the quick hand stitching really worked the best.  It only takes a minute….

Press one edge of the fabric for a neat folded edge on the top and roll it around the batting.

Use the fusible hem tape and press the edge down.
Using the fusible web gives a clean edge and is really fast.
I don’t think you could hand stitch this as nicely.

You will have a leftover fabric on each side that will need to be tucked in.

SO that’s what the screwdriver is for!

You simply push in the fabric like this….
making a nice finish on each end.

At first I thought that I was done….but the fabric rolled on the hanger…..

So…..I tied a ribbon tightly around the ends in a bow to stabilize the roll….

It is prettier and now the fabric pad stays in place….

Here is a peek into my closet with my pants hanging on my new hangers.
Cost: next to nothing…..
Value: time saved to drink coffee instead of RE-ironing pants….priceless!

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