Summer’s end for me means Fall cleaning and organizing time.
I started on the kitchen this morning.

First off the kitchen drawers….

It is probably a little “Martha Stewart” of me…but I like pretty drawer liners.

I have tried all kinds of things…

contac paper….hard to work with, hard to remove and pattern and color choices are really not to my taste!

rubbermaid shelf liner….yucky…but it does make a great non-slip rug backing…cuz you can’t see it!

Fabric…you have to figure out a way to attach it….more work than I want to do!

Then I discovered that using vinyl pre-pasted wallpaper is the perfect solution for me!
Read on to find out how to do this!

Last week, I found this roll of wallpaper at Goodwill for $1.99….score 1 for me!

I thought the blue and white stripes were pretty and fresh looking.  

I emptied out a drawer and wiped the months of crud out of the corners….where does all that stuff come from?  It shudder to think of all the other little corners of dirt that are around the house….but this is a start!

I measured the drawer and cut a piece of wallpaper to fit exactly….

I use a ruler, tape measure and scissors….

sometimes it makes me laugh when I tell you such obvious things in a post….

 Really…I know that you are smart enough to figure this out yourself!

If you have never used pre-pasted wallpaper you might not know how to “block” the paste…but I bet most of you know this TOO!

What you do is…..get the back of the paper wet….really wet….so the paste gets gooey (you can tell that technical terms are my forte).

I just run water from the sink over the back of the paper.

Then fold the paper over itself, right side out and rub it around so the glue spreads over the whole back.

The recommendation is to wait 5 minutes…..but that would take patience….and it really only takes 30 seconds to work….

so do what YOU have to do!

I just “get on with it”!

Unfold the paper…..lay it in the drawer

Use a sponge to smooth it out

Wipe it dry!

Put the stuff back in the drawer….and you are DONE!

I am pretty sure I will be able to do the whole kitchen with this one roll….NICE!
Wish me luck on getting all the drawers done sometime in the next couple of weeks…with my luck it will be more like the next couple of months…..
The nice thing about that is that this project isn’t messy and you can do a couple drawers at a time!

I wish you good luck scoring some pretty paper at a thrift store…or maybe you have some leftovers from one of your decorating projects.
You could get all “Martha” yourself and go to the wallpaper store and buy some for full price!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend….don’t LABOR too much!

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