Sooo….I procrastinated….What’s New?
I always tell myself I will do this all ahead of time….
So this post will be the shortest ever!
But then you probably don’t have time to sit at the computer and read anyway!

I just had to share this photo!

My darling little niece and her little friend are finishing their holiday shopping!
Tee Hee….Mommy bought the little coat and hat at Goodwill….
The little plaid party dress underneath too!!!
Now if this isn’t a great example of Sweetwater Style….I don’t know what is!
Here is wishing that the man in your life appreciates your bargains
 He follows this little guy’s plan and  doesn’t shop at the GW for you!

0 comments on “Will I Ever Be Done Shopping?

  1. NanaDiana

    What a darling picture. It looks like a picture postcard..or an ad.

    I am done except for picking up a gift card and cooking- whooooweee…xo Diana