I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
We sure did at here at Sweetwater!
Lots of family, food, fun…..and of course “Way too much of everything”!

 Once the holiday passes….
I begin thinking of new stuff to do…
And old stuff that still needs doing!

That got me to thinking….
I decided to start a series of posts with the theme-

“What I Used Up This Week!”

The object will be to challenge myself to make something out of something that I already have at least once every week….
Come along for the first installment….
Dinner napkins from the old drapes!  (really it is not as odd as it might sound)

Some people (Mr. S for sure) think I have too much stuff!
I prefer to think of it as having a lot of RESOURCES!
BUT….even I have to admit that the shelves, closets and cupboards are a bit crowded right now!
Maybe I have been gathering a little too much!

Even so….sometimes I don’t have something that I need!
That happened yesterday when I went to set the Christmas Brunch table and realized that I didn’t have a full set of unstained white dinner napkins that matched.
(I made do with mismatched green, red and white and it looked fine)

I suppose I could have gone to Williams Sonoma to buy these ….$42 a dozen
Or to Home Goods to buy some…..less expensive….a dozen for 15 dollars or so

But why?

I knew I had 2 big chunks of white duck fabric that used to be the curtains on the lower level walk-out door….
It was just waiting to be turned into napkins.

This isn’t really a tutorial….but I do have a couple of hints to make the job easier!

White Duck Fabric (reused from curtains)
Carpenter Square
Sewing Machine

Step 1: measure 22 x 22 squares of fabric
Step 2: fold narrow double hem and press flat
Step 3: stitch around all four sides
Step 4: Press again
Repeat 12 times (which means that I will probably do this over the course of a week or so)

If you don’t have this handy dandy tool….go get one!

Well worth the $10….

Great anytime you need to cut something perfectly straight!

My sewing machine has a couple of nice decorative stitches that make great looking hems….

I decided to  use one to make the napkins a little “fancier” than store bought!

2 Down….10 to go….

And…I have lots of time because after all the entertaining we have done in the last weeks….
I am NOT inviting any one over for a while 🙂

Could you still make these you don’t have all the “stuff” that I have sitting around?
Could you do this project on a budget?

  • If you browse the remnant table at any fabric store you will find lots of inexpensive things that would make great napkins!
  • The linen/fabric aisle at Goodwill always has old tablecloths that might have a small stain….buy them and cut around the stain.

The sewing skills needed for this  are soooo basic that it makes a great project for a beginner!

Hmmmmm……$42 dollars for napkins…
Free….and more room on the shelf too!