1. Checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of wool.
  2. Any cloth with a tartan pattern.

However you define it….I Love It!


these designers have made fortunes using plaid for clothing and home decor!

Why?  Because plaid always works!
Well…..almost always!
Read on to see some more plaid madness!

My favorite plaid treasure is this vintage Pendleton Coat my daughter found….too bad it didn’t fit her….NOT!
It was full length….and I decided to cut it off to car coat length….now I wear it a lot!
I found some wonderful blue and green plaid fabric this fall and made myself this great cape…..I don’t sew clothes for myself very often….but I have to admit this turned out really well!
I have so much plaid fabric that I even made some “Plaid Coats” for wine bottles to give as hostess gifts…..
 I have been using my “plaid stash” to make some fun mittens….I am going to do a “Use what I have” tutorial about this soon….because the cuffs and lining are made of old sweaters!
so stay tuned….but aren’t they cute?
Of course….plaid ribbon makes a very pretty bow!
Here is just one of the many  plaid shirts I find at GW for my husband and son! 
It matches the cashmere sweater with the tags still on it!
A Ralph Lauren shirt and cashmere sweater for a total of $15….yeah me!!!
And look at this darling plaid dress my little niece wore for Christmas (a GW find her mom scored)
Now….I think I am a pro at finding great stuff at Goodwill….
 But our son-in-law has actually “gone pro” with his “Goodwill Hunting”!
He has gone into business selling reconditioned vintage men’s clothing!
Greenwich Vintage
You really need to check out the great stuff at the Website….the shop features the most amazing stuff!  
For sale at the store or Etsy Shop.
He even knows how to add plaid to shoes for heaven’s sake!
Greenwich Vintage is on my blogroll….so check back for his latest finds!
They hosted a “plaid party” last month….way better than an ugly sweater party don’t you think?
I guess you might say…..
“Plaid isn’t just a FAD….” 
“Don’t be sad….wear plaid”
I think I will just wish you 
“Plaid Tidings in 2012”?