What I’ve Got!
a lot of old silver plate that I have collected from thrift stores!
It lives on the shelves in our dining room….tarnishing away!
It seems that a lot of people get rid of silver plate….probably because it needs polishing!
My suggestion to you….
When you see it…..
Buy it!
Because I have it….
I use it…..
Over and Over and Over….Come see!

I found this silver loving cup at GW about 10 years ago….it took a whole bunch of polishing to get it shiny again….but it was worth it!
Then I scored another one a couple of years later….polished it up and giggled when I saw this engraving appear….
Mr. and Mrs. Club Champions
Edina Country Club
Do you think anyone will believe that Mr. S and I actually won this….?
the 2 loving cups are filled with  greens and white flowers…
waiting to go on the tables at the Quinceañera celebration for a beautiful young lady!
They will get the addition of a few branches of silver eucalyptus….
A very expensive look for $20 worth of grocery store flowers!
This little trip down memory lane is proof of how often these 2 Loving Cups have earned their keep!
The Christmas Poinsettias have a little more style….
The loving cup lifts them up…and protects the table when it gets watered!
Filled with hydrangeas…….
The picture tells the story!

 Filled with Peonies from our garden at our Daughter’s wedding!


The arrangement on the cake table at Tonia’s wedding this summer…..the silver trays are there waiting for the cupcakes….lot’s prettier (and cheaper) than the expensive cupcake tower from the caterer!

I think using my silver plate collection is a perfect example of the “Use What I’ve Got” philosophy!

  • I never pay more than a few dollars for any item…..
  • I don’t worry about lending items to friends for their events…..(and I have never lost a single tray or vase)
  • Silver doesn’t break….so you never have to worry when you haul it from place to place.
  • I never have to worry about arranging a buffet table….it looks coordinated because it is all silver!
  • It’s amazing how food purchased from CostCo looks homemade when it is on a silver tray!

By the looks of this….my real challenge will be to “Use what I already have” and leave the new bargains on the shelf at GW…..but that probably ISN’T going to happen…..unless YOU get there first!

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