Several people commented on my post about my thrift store silver, asking me what my favorite silver polish is….

It seems that many of you out there love your own thrift store silver as much as I love mine….but hate polishing it…..ME TOO!

I have learned not to stress too much about the tarnish on the items on the display shelves….hey they are vintage after all…and a little tarnish is kind of charming….right?
Still….when it is time to get the glitz on or use the silver for an event….
I need to polish…and polish I do!

 My standby polish is Wright’s Silver Cream from Weiman Products.  You can get it at the grocery store or at Amazon.
It comes with a nice little sponge applicator and it doesn’t have that awful sulphur smell that a lot of polishes have.

I usually get the sponge a little wet to make it easier to use….it is fast and does a great job!

Some pieces I find at the thrift store are virtually BLACK with tarnish!

When that is the case….I start with Tarn-X Tarnish Remover….
Warning….get out the nose plugs and send your family away!
This stuff really stinks…..odor wise….but it works like magic!

Another warning….I get the feeling that if you use this too much you will actually take the silver plate off the item!

And… leaves a sort of golden tint to the silver…so you need to finish with the silver polish for that soft silver glow that we love so much!

Another quick tip….If you have a silver item with lots of black tarnish “pitting” and nothing seems to work….

Try a solution of Bar Keeper’s Friend and water on a cloth…
It has enough abrasive quality to get rid of the “pits” and polish as well….
BUT…if you rub too hard there is a danger of scratching the piece.

Still….it is a great “quick fix”!

I don’t worry too much about this because my stuff is NOT an heirloom but is from the thrift store and cost less than some plastic tray from Target!!!

I decided to do what any good librarian would do when faced with a question….
Here are some things I found:

This site has some recipes for homemade silver polish.  I am definitely going to try these!

Interesting info here!

 Good Housekeeping recommendations are never too far wrong!  Glad to see that the polish I use made their list!

Happy Polishing….
Let us know if you try any of the homemade polishing ideas….
or comment with your favorite polishing tricks…

Have a Bright and Shiny Day!

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0 comments on “Silver Polishing Tips and Resources

  1. Paulette

    I'm a Tran-X user you are right about the odor and the golden glow. It never occurred to me to use creamed silver polish after using Tran-X to obtain shiny silver. Thanks for the tips.♥

  2. NanaDiana

    I use Wright's, too, and have for years. I also like Maas-it comes in a tube and is more expensive than Wright's but a little goes a long ways…it is pink coming out of the tube.

    I like my heirloom silver that has been passed down thru the family bright and shiny. I feel like it was an honor to recieve it and the last generation always kept it polished and so should I….I know, I know, a bit old-school here.

    Yours looks beautiful and I am going to check out that homemade recipe. xo Diana

  3. Anonymous

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Pat

  4. Tanya@takesix

    Great post…I pinned this! Thanks Mary!

  5. Ann

    Awesome information. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jordan@the2seasons

    This was a great post! As I am writing this comment I am realizing I have some polishing to do this weekend. I do not have much but I think it is time again to polish.

  7. Honey at 2805

    I use Wright's too and think it's the best! I also wet the sponge, it seems working up a "lather" really helps doing a good and quick job.

    Thank you for linking this information post to Potpourri Friday!

  8. Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas

    I love thrift store silver too! I buy a large aluminum roasting pan and fill it with hot water, dump in some baking soda and dip the tarnished silver in. PRESTO! tarnish is gone…heavily tarnished pieces may need to soak a little bit. I have never had a problem using this method, but like you, my silver is not heirloom 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage

    I love polished and tarnished silver! Thanks for the tips and for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!