BIB stands for Before I Blogged!
Believe it or not….I did lots of projects BIB!
But BIB I didn’t take the time to take those all important Before….During….and Final Results Photos!

When school is in session….I do little projects….I am just too tired at the end of the day to do BIG projects to blog about!

The BIB series will try to recreate for you some of my “oldies but goodies”
This one is about the “ginormous” transformation of our dining room table!

When we moved into our house 20 years ago….we were seriously “house poor”!
We needed the dining room table from our old house for the eating area in the kitchen!
We had a very empty dining room….and little money to buy one!
This was before Craig’s List….so options were limited!

We finally scored a wonderfully big table with 2 leaves at an “odds and ends” showroom for $400…
because there were no chairs to go with it!
Then….(it must have been FATE)….a couple of months later we found  chairs that almost matched the wood on the table at a “really” cheap furniture outlet….they had seriously ugly seat cushions but at $40 a chair….we couldn’t pass them up….so we bought 8!

This photo makes me smile… was before we did the wood floors the room….but after we added the bookcases and painted the bright blue walls brown….still you get the idea of the dining set with the recovered chairs and the pale beige lacquered finish! 

Fast forward 10 years….I am hating the beige laquer…..thinking….hey I can have a new table!
Hey…we got a real deal on this one….I can probably sell it on Craig’s List and have the money to buy a new one….
BUT….I am still pretty thrifty…(CHEAP) and this table is the perfect size and shape for the room and our entertaining style!

When I went out to look for a new table, I kept looking for virtually the SAME table we already had….at 3 times the price we had paid the first time.

HMMMM…..our table was still excellent condition except for a few water(wine) marks and a little chipping!
I decided to refinish it…..hey I was on Summer Break….I could do this….!
Mr. S had SERIOUS doubts….and he was pretty vocal about it….
The challenge was on!
I whined a bit….got the table hauled out to the garage…and got to work!
A LOT of work…..
A MONTH of work….

I headed to Home Depot for supplies….

Lots of sandpaper for my Power Sander