Waiting for Spring

Wow! It is almost the end of February…and I am kind of in that middle of the winter funk!

It seems like we haven’t done anything FUN since the holidays….well not much anyway!
School is almost too busy….

One day seems to blend into the next….

It is a whole month until we go to Mexico on vacation….and I haven’t gotten serious about getting into shape for swimsuits!

Enough complaining already!  That really isn’t Sweetwater Style!

To cure my funk, I decided to make a list of some random happy things to focus on!
They “ain’t” big WOWS…but they are “good things”!

It is ONLY a month until we go to Mexico!  And this will be the view we wake up to!

The cheapo Home Depot Orchid that I bought a year ago is blooming for the third time!

I guess this little guy really likes the south facing windows on Sweetwater!

The little miniature rose plant I bought in January is still blooming….and since I have been fertilizing it….it has lots of new growth and I think it will last until I can plant it outside…..wish me luck!

These great looking tulips were a thank you from a friend for something that really didn’t need  a thank-you…..and I was able to add a few of the last of my Valentine blooms to make this great looking arrangement.  A real reminder of Spring to Come!

The message board on my desk is a reminder that I do have some fun events to look forward to! And a gift certificate to the SPA that I need to use….And a reminder of how well my daughter’s new law practice is doing!

I found this great looking fabric on the last trip to the fabric store….and in less than an hour….it is a bright spot on the living room couch!

I bought this metal pomegranate at the thrift store….it will always make me laugh when I think of how I stood there debating about whether to spend the $5 to buy it….I really liked it….I didn’t know what I would use it for…..should I “splurge”?  For heaven’s sake….I had just spent more on a glass of wine at lunch without batting an eye!   And NOW I will have this to add to the decor for years to come….can’t say that  about that glass of wine!!!!

I guess this is in keeping with my challenge to “Use What I Have 2012”!
I used what I HAVE…..to cure my mid-winter funk!
I would challenge YOU to do the same!

Have a great week!