Minnesotans love to vacation “up north at the cabin”!
Well….Mr. S and I also love to vacation “down south at the cabin”!

Pretty much the rest of this post is “would you like to see the pictures of our vacation?”
sooo….I will totally understand if you don’t want to!

I figure one of the benefits of having a blog is that I will actually HAVE a travel journal…
So….stay and read on….or Not….

We are sooo lucky to have access to a gorgeous condominium in Manzanillo, Mexico thanks to a Sweetwater Brother and Sister-in-law!
 They have made their Mexican condo feel much like a trip to the cabin….casual, relaxed but ever so nice….
….giving us a chance to truly get away from it all and just relax….but with all the amenities like a full kitchen, wireless internet, etc. etc. etc.!


Now, maybe that sounds boring to you…but it is perfect for us!
If you ask me…this place is about as “all inclusive” as it can get!
Since we are early risers….we get to see the sunrise over the bay every morning….
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice
  • A croissant from the panaderia
  • and of course coffee

 Add a view like this!
A perfect start to the day!

Las Hadas Resort is just across the bay.
I think it looks like something you would see in the Mediterranean.

I found this cool old photo of Las Hadas Bay in 1964 before the resort was built!

Manzanillo is the busiest Port in Mexico, so we see many large cargo ships coming and going in the distance.

We take at least one long walk everyday….and while the streets are rough cobblestones and the hills high….the views are worth it!

 Besides…..if you take a long enough walk….you can eat that much more with out feeling guilty!
….if we do get tired of walking….we catch the bus back home…for 6 pesos (50 cents)…what a deal!

Once at home….

BIG decision….

should I go to the pool to sit…..
or stay in the condo and sit on the patio?


A couple times a day we make the trip down the steps to take a walk on the almost private beach….

Then…. I wake Mr. S from his nap and maybe we take a walk into town to find the ingredients for dinner….and maybe a stop at a small restaurant for an late lunch…..

A 40 peso Taxi ride back up the hillside….

and Home….Sweet Home!

We spend the rest of the day relaxing until it is time to fix dinner….while there are lots of fun restaurants in the area…the complete kitchen and abundance of wonderful foods in the markets here as well as all the time in the world….eating IN is way better than eating OUT!

Now you know I don’t cook a lot….I can cook….actually I am a pretty good cook…
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I share “Colima Cabin Cooking”!

Now I am off to enjoy one of our last beautiful days in Paradise!

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