Now while I love my garden…you may have noticed that I only grow flowers not food!

It’s not that I don’t like food….it’s just that between the deer and the rabbits….there isn’t much chance that any food would make it to the table.

I do grow some lettuce and herbs on the deck….

but that is the extent of our “farming”!

We have to leave the food growing to the experts….

Have I told you about my brother?

  • He lives in Florida in the Winter and Maine in the Summer! 
  • He is a sustainable urban gardener 
  • He is an expert in the science of permaculture
  • Maybe some day he will “guest post” for Sweetwater Style!

Here are some photos of his amazing plants in Florida!
He grows enough food in the front yard of my Mom’s winter home and his own backyard garden to have a stall at a Market called “Sweetwater”….too funny!
Alas….that Sweetwater Market is too far away for us to shop at…so instead…

 we bought a share in a CSA!
Starting in June we will be getting a weekly delivery of vegetables from The Fox & Fawn Farm!
Fox and Fawn Farm
 The Sweetwater Daughter, Sweetwater Son and Mr. S and I went together to buy a whole share!  Can’t wait!  

So we will be eating our vegetables….and letting the experts worry about foiling the deer and the bunnies!

Speaking of Bunnies… is a great kid read a loud….

Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens
It’s about gardening…

the rabbit family makes a deal with a lazy bear for shares of the crops they will plant.
The bear can have “tops” or “bottoms.” 
The first season the bear takes “tops” the rabbits only plant stuff like carrots. Rabbit gets the carrots and the poor bear gets carrot tops. 
The next season the bear sort of catches on and takes bottoms. That year the rabbits plant lettuce and beans.  The bear gets zilch again. 
The last season the bear wants the tops and the bottoms…..foiled again when the rabbits plant corn!
The bear learns his lesson….and you get a great read a loud!

After I published this post….I got a comment from my niece about this great looking planter that you can get (her husband-my nephew sells them…who knew?)

Here is the link  Triolife – Big Gardening in Small Places!

Have a wonderful day!

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0 comments on “Eat Your Vegetables!

  1. NanaDiana

    Mary- I am with you- I do flowers and not veggies…although I hope to grow some pumpkins this year for the grandkids.

    Love your brother's business…and I love the service you have signed up for.

    I don't know the book you mentioned but I will look it up! xo Diana

  2. Hibiscus House

    I love the lettuce it tastes so much better than the bought lettuce…It is hard work growing veggies with varmits around. Rabbits ate my lettuce this year. I love to see the bunnies come around but last year they left them alone not this year…fun post I enjoyed it.

  3. Tiffany Kovaleski

    Hey Mary,
    I thought that your post is so true, the varments make gardening a little discouraging! Another great way to have your veggies at your reach is with a product called trio life. If you go to
    You can find more info. Ask for Derek Kovaleski and he can answer all of your questions!

  4. Katherines Corner

    We have had some trouble with rodents and snakes. But we do love having our veggie garden Hugs!

  5. Jody and Stan

    Love your post. I love anything to do with gardening and your site always teaches me something new. Thanks for sharing. It was nice hearing from you about the hydrangeas, and I love the Annabelles too!

  6. keity

    Happy to find your blog today!
    How lovely pot you planted some lettuce!!!
    I'm ganna plant them in the same way!
    Thank you for sharing a good idea!!!

  7. Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife

    My goal is this year is to eat something I grew myself and I'm hoping it's something more than dandelion greens:)