Can you believe that Sweetwater Style has reached 100,000 pageviews!

My goodness!

  • When I started this venture in June, I had no idea that it would become such a rewarding endeavor.
  • When the Sweetwater Daughter told me “Mom….you should start a blog!”, I wondered whether I should or could do it!
  • When Mr. S. wondered whether I would have enough ideas to blog about….or anything to say….I wondered too!
But then….I decided to follow the advice I often give out to friends contemplating a project!
I took the leap….
It was scary putting myself “out there”!
But I try to remember another one of the guiding principles of “Sweetwater Style”
Don’t Wait for Perfect!
I’ve learned a lot….
I have soooo much to learn…..
I have lots of ideas for improving the blog….maybe even making some money from it!
But…for this moment….I am just doing a little happy dance of celebration!

Orkut Scraps - Funny

Thank-you to all my readers!
Thank-you to all my followers!
Thank-you to everyone who takes the time to comment! 

0 comments on “Amazing….A Blogging Milestone for ME!

  1. Amy - while wearing heels

    Sincerest congratulations. I am sure the momentum will continue and before long, you'll be celebrating 200,000 page views.

    amy @

  2. NanaDiana

    Congratulations, ary! I am proud of you as a fellow blogger! You just keep going, girl! Hugs- Diana

  3. About JollyJilly

    hi im a new follower from the blog hop
    Congrads on your great news, I also didnt know where this blogging would lead but it has opened the world to me lol
    Here is to your next 100.000 page views.
    if you have time I would love you to come visit my blog in the uk at

  4. Anonymous

    Hi I'm a new follower from the Hop… Congratulations on your pagewiews…..thats awesome. As I read your blog I got homesick for my youngest daughter who just moved to Minnesota last June… her hubbys family is there. I hear it's a beautiful ( and cold) place to live..Thanks for your great blog…