A few months ago I wrote about how much I love Fitz and Floyd china and ceramics (click the link if you are interested in reading the old post!

 Well, just look at the darling little plate I found at GW last week!

It sure looked like F&F….but was it?

Yup….it was and will you look at that price….

Yippee, Skippee ME!

This would be just perfect to add to the other Spring themed F&F that I have….
And it could go on the baker’s rack….

Just A Nod to Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Somehow, it always feels like I need to do something on the baker’s rack for every holiday!

Since the  framed prints I used for Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day looked so nice….

 I decided to start with this great rabbit print….
with a couple more bunnies hopped over to join in the fun!
My print is framed in a GW frame of course!
Since the frame was square and the print was not….my mat cutter came in handy!
I know…I know….I keep telling you to get a mat cutter…
I just sayin’….it comes in so handy!!!!

Now I added the rest of the Fitz and Floyd

  • the pitcher…. 
  • some little salad plates that I honestly forgot that I had…F &F too!  
  • 3 plates propped in the back

The dish with the oranges in it looks like this,,,,I would have to say…it is probably my favorite!!

A last few items…..all F&F except for the teapot…and it is almost finished!
I need to add a couple more things…maybe some jellybeans or a chocolate bunny….
but it looks pretty Eastery don’t you think!

To paraphrase one of my favorite kid’s books…
If you give a woman a Fitz and Floyd plate….
She’ll probably need to decorate!
And if she decorates….she’ll probably need a chocolate bunny!
Happy Decorating to you!

0 comments on “Easter Fitz and Floyd!

  1. NanaDiana

    Yep- If you give a woman a F&F she will definitely have to decorate. Maybe you could turn that into a If You Give A Pup A Plate book! Everything is looking very good at your house- Eastery an pretty!

    Love all your F&F pieces. I have several for Christmas but none for Easter….hmmm…I hope you haven't stirred up a new addiction for me! xo Diana

  2. The Answer Is Chocolate

    Score! Everything looks lovely…perfect for Spring and Easter!

  3. Sarah

    Mary, glad you found the sweet plate. You vignettes are definitely a reflection of spring. Lovely! ~ Sarah

  4. Marigene

    You have a nice collection of F&F!

  5. Kathleen

    Lovely! You found a treasure and have displayed it wonderfully!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  6. Kathe

    I love F&Fr! I actually have a couple of pieces that I put out each year. You can see them here
    I saw a beautiful ceramic piece at the thrift store last week and wondered why it was priced so high. Flipped it over and saw that it was F&F. They knew what they were selling that's for sure! Your vignettes are beautiful!

  7. Anita Stafford

    I love your display, and I'm a Fitz & Floyd fan too!