My oh My!  I got my very first request to sponsor something on my blog!
I had to decide

….should I….or shouldn’t I?

 When I started Sweetwater Style….I always wondered if I could ever make any money doing it!

So here goes!
We shall see!
I promise I won’t do this often….
I promise it will always be something that I truly do think is a good product or service!
I promise I will tell you the truly what I think about the product or service!
I promise that the things I sponsor will be things that I think you should know about!
I promise I will always tell you when I am recieving compensation for a post!
Check Out Campus Book Rentals Here
The librarian in me was intrigued when the nice people at Campus Book Rentals asked me to take a look at their Book Rental Program.
Now while a “true” librarian believes that you shouldn’t have to pay anything to access books, we all know that textbooks fall into a whole other category!
I have been reading about iTunes U and been curious about how electronic textbooks will work.  But I think for the near future kids are going to be needing a source for a thrifty way to access the good old paper versions.
Lucky Me!  My textbook buying days are over!  
I still remember the sticker shock and hassle of buying and selling textbooks.
I kind of like the idea of renting textbooks- it does seem to make sense….and Campus Book Rentals has figured out a pretty good system.  But before I could recommend them, I did do a little research on the website. 
I took a look at some books that the Sweetwater Daughter might have needed in law school as well as some typical books that someone in a school of education might need for coursework! 
Introduction to Law (4th Edition) by Joanne Banker Hames, Yvonne Ekern 
List Price $116  Semester rental: $49
Torts and Compensation, Personal Accountability and Social Responsibility for Injury (American Casebook) by Dan B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden, Ellen M. Bublick 
List Price: $177  Semester rental: $23
Child Development and Education (with MyEducationLab) (4th Edition) by Teresa M. McDevitt, Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
 List Price: $130  Semester rental: $32

These are pretty dramatic savings.
Several books I looked up were actually cheaper to buy but the website has a direct link to Amazon so when buying the book is a better deal, you can just click and get the book.

Here are a couple of other pluses for this program:

 Another nice thing is the partnership that CampusBookRentals has with Operation Smile!

Operation Smile

 They generously donate a portion of their profits to this worthwhile program!

Doing this little product endorsement REALLY made me glad that I don’t have to buy textbooks anymore!

Remember….I really don’t have any reason to use this program….but if you are looking for a thrifty alternative to buying and selling textbooks for yourself or your children, this looks something worth checking out!

 Now….I am off to the library to find some totally fun reading material….and if you are stuck reading your textbooks…I sympathize!