I stopped at a garage sale the other day and scored these great galvanized steel containers for $5 each!

(I think they were originally from IKEA)

If you give a woman bare galvanized steel she will probably need to paint it!!!!

Wait until you see how cool they turned out!!

I used some high heat black paint for the under coat…..
Then I looked through all my cans of spray paint and used a combination of rust and hammered bronze to finish them off!

I always “lust” after those fancy ceramic pots at the upscale garden stores…..so I tried to mimic the look of the glaze by letting the spray paint drip and run…..I think I nailed it!!!

The finished containers looked great…now where to put them?
Mr. S is always sayin’ 
“Can’t you just leave well enough alone?”
Well…..NO….I CAN’T!
Remember the deck fountain?
See how the GoodWill fountain is copper?
The exact copper of the newly sprayed containers?
Seems pretty obvious they belong TOGETHER!
 I dug out the oriental looking fountain from the “Sweetwater Store”
Put the jade pot of basil on the other side….
Stuck the hummingbird in so it looks like he is having a refreshing sip from the fountain!
I didn’t plan the color scheme….but I love how all the orange and blues are highlighting the copper!
The other container now sits between the deck chairs….with the $5 hanging basket I scored at a 75% off sale yesterday!
Finally….a little tip…
We filled the planters with mulch instead of all dirt to make them lighter!
All in all….a successful use of those $5 garage sale scores!
Now….out to the garden, it is a gorgeous day!