Our school is still in session…
the last day for kids is Wednesday!
Then one more day for teacher’s and FREEDOM!
But let me tell you what I need to accomplish in those last few days!
Some of you might be old enough to remember the kids who were in the AV CLUB…you know the nerdy kids who pushed the film projectors around and plugged in all the equipment!  I think they did it to get out of class….no….I know they did it to get out of class!  
Well….I wasn’t in the AV CLUB….never wanted to be in the AV CLUB….
Yeah…was a cheerleader (of course I was!!!)
Well…fast forward to today (notice I am not telling you how many years 🙂  )
and I find that in my school….
I AM the AV Club….too funny!
I am responsible for setting up all the sound equipment and audio visuals for all of the end of year events….
I am spending the weekend burning CDs, editing slideshows, making DVDs…etc. etc. etc.!
The crazy thing is it is kinda fun!
Time consuming….but fun!
I want to share the coolest project that we have been working on with our departing 5th Grade students!
It is called Spark-A-Vision….and the goal is to help kids envision their future life!
The idea is that if a young person can vision a future that incorporates the “Sparks” that they love….they will have a better chance of making that future a reality!
So for the last month our kids have been doing just that….and the results are just amazing!
Listening and watching kids creating a video that expresses  their hopes and dreams is an experience that has made the last weeks of school truly joyful!
a fifth grade boy who says…. “I will marry the love of my life….” and doesn’t break into snorts and giggles…
a girl who says….”I am a work in progress!” and KNOWS it!
a boy who says….”I will be financially strong.” instead of I’m gonna be rich!
kids who say… “I will make a difference in the world!” and BELIEVE it!

I picked an example that I think you…my blogging friends will relate to….this little girl could end up the next “blog star” don’t you think?
What a fun project this could be for you to try with your kids….
if you go to this website  Stupeflix, you can make a free video with an email registration!
I guarantee that it will be a rewarding experience….
To quote the Whitney Houston hit….
“I believe that children are our future….”
“Teach them well…and let them lead the way!”
Have a wonderful day!
think of me all tangled in the cords, wires and technology!

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