This week the Sweetwater Daughter and her husband will celebrate their 3rd Wedding Anniversary….Happy Anniversary to you both!
I can’t believe it has been 3 years since we were in the midst of organizing the big day!
And of course…it was also the last days of school for me….but we DID IT and it was so much fun!
Since the last week of school is so frantic for me…I am reposting this guest post I did for Alecia over at Chicken Scratch!
Are YOU planning a wedding?
Then….I suggest you get yourself to the thrift shop!

Two summers ago, our daughter got married in June and our nephew in August.
The planning and preparations were almost more fun than the big days!

 Both weddings and receptions were held at my brother and sister-in-law’s beautiful Willow Ridge Gardens.

 But, you ask, “What’s that got to do with Good Will?
Notice the stack of plates and the silver urn in this photo! 
Pretty….and elegant don’t you think?

We did our research….

  • the cost of china rental for the two weddings….for almost 400 guests…at least $400…Yikes!
  • OR…..paper products-less expensive….but not very elegant!

Soooo…..we began buying up lovely plates and glassware from  GOOD WILL, THRIFT STORES and GARAGE SALES!

We had RULES!

  • Nothing could cost more than a dollar… 
  • We needed dinner plates, salad plates, wine glasses and drinkware…
  • Everything should be basic white or cream colored….
  • Every piece should be something we might want to keep and use later…. 
Here are just a few of the great pieces we found!

The china worked wonderfully for the buffet and casual styled wedding!
Much better than floppy paper plates to carry around!
For the more formal sit down dinner….it was fun to coordinate the china on the tables.
Every table was unique and lovely!
We also used my collection of thrift store silver for serving and decorative accents!
I think everything looks better on silver…don’t you?  
Here are all those silver trays put to good use at another wedding for the cupcake service!
Now for the best part!
Both those Brides from two years ago split up the china pieces they liked….
and they have enough lovely place settings to use at almost any gathering for years to come!
 In fact….I might just have to borrow some of this from the Sweetwater daughter the next time I have a big party!
I have enjoyed sharing our fun way to save money on wedding china…and I hope it inspires you to get yourself out there shopping the thrift stores!
Remember….as you are in the midst of all the planning and preparation….be sure to enjoy the process!  The day will be gone in a heartbeat….but the memories will be forever!
I would love for you to hop over to Sweetwater Style and see some of the other wedding themed posts I have done!