I have been going “Back To School” for a lot of years!
First as a student….

Yep…that is me by the teacher with the amazing legs!!!  
I am sure that he reason I am standing by the teacher is so that she could keep me QUIET for the picture!!!
Then as a teacher….
Can you imagine….
20 years old and they let me go in a room and try to “educate” this group of 5 year olds! “What were they thinking?”  At least by this time, I had learned to cover up my “amazing legs”!  Although in these “olden days”….I was pretty “fashion forward” to be wearing PANTS at school!

Now it is “a few” years later and still….going back to school never  loses that sense of excitement and possibilities!

One of the great things about teaching is that you have a “clean slate” and a chance to “start over every September! That is a luxury that is not available in many jobs!

My school is fortunate to have this whole week set aside for teachers to get ready for those kiddos next week!

Lots of meetings….and almost all of them are in the Media Center….(MY SPACE)!

Since the meetings are in “my space”….it just seems like I need to  “decorate” and “entertain”!!!

Nobody really expects me to do this….but you know me!!!!

I will make the coffee…..

My Marvelous Principal has arranged for the food!!!

And here are the cute little flower arrangements for each table!

 They were so simple and very very inexpensive!

When I was buying flowers at the Farmer’s Market for the party that we had on Friday…I knew I could use the “leftovers for these little bouquets!

I took apart a couple of arrangements….
Gathered some other “stuff” from the garden…..
I had the little white pails from another event….
I used floral foam so the bouquets last a long time….
Then it all went together….with some ribbon and raffia of course…..

 I wanted the centerpieces to have a “teaching theme”….
I didn’t want to spend money…


Using my My Memories Scrapbook software I created these “mini-posters”.
I found some fun clipart and inspirational quotes about teaching and teachers.
I printed them as 4×6 photos at Walgreens.. (19 cents each)

We put the the iPads on the tables for people to take candid photos of each other!!!!
I want the staff to start thinking of the iPads as digital cameras…but any camera will work…even encouraging people to use the cameras on their phones.
At the end of the week we collect all the photos and make a great slide show!
All of this made for a very festive and fun atmosphere as we greeted one another after a summer apart!

We are certainly off to a great start for our year!
and a little decorating and food didn’t hurt!!!