I absolutely LOVE Hydrangeas!!!

Hydrangeas are the showy, temperamental and unpredictable.  
They are beautiful in the garden and even more beautiful in flower arrangements.
The Sweetwater Garden has several Hydrangea plants….but alas this year they just don’t seem to be blooming!
There are a total of about 8 blooms on ALL the plants….go figure!

Other People’s Hydrangeas….Probably NOT Zone 4!!!

Oh WOW….Do these make me drool!!!

 I guess I could look at pictures of other people’s Hydrangea bushes on the internet….but that really doesn’t do it for me!

Maybe I will have to go to the Farmer’s Market to get my fix this year!!!!  OMG spending money on flowers in the summer might just be TOO much….
I absolutely LOVE Hydrangeas!!!

Last summer, I posted about how to make these pretties behave when I bring them inside. It is all about the conditioning! It is easy and works almost every time!
Even though I don’t have blooms from my garden…..maybe YOU do….so read on to learn the trick!

Yeah, I know that if you wait until the Hydrangea blooms on the plant get to the papery stage, they can be cut, plopped in a vase without water and will dry without wilting.

 That  would require patience-not something that I am well known for.

 Besides….if you cut the blooms off the Minnesota hardy “Endless Summer” it will rebloom through the Fall.


After doing my research, I discovered this process for conditioning Hydrangeas for arrangements.

  • Take a bucket of water with you to the garden and put the stems into it as you cut….YES even if it is only 10 steps outside!
  • Get a really tall vase or bucket and fill it with room temp water….fill it to the top!

  • Turn the gas burner on your stove to high….(or light a candle with a BIG flame)
  • One stem at a time-make a new diagonal cut with a sharp knife and stick the end in the flame.  Burn the end until the milky stuff is sealed in by the singed end of the stem.

Put each stem into the warm water….right up to the blossom….leaves under water.

  • Cover the flower heads with soaking paper towels.  
  •  Go away and leave them alone for at least 6 hours.  If you are more patient than I am, after 6 hours, wet the paper towels again and leave them another 6 hours.
  • Uncover the flowers and arrange….DO NOT recut the stems (this means I probably should have told you to cut the stems the right length for your arrangement the first time….sorry)
  • Sit back-look at your arrangement and for 5 minutes pretend you are a lady of leisure!

  • This post from Habitually Chic has some Hydrangea pictures to drool over. 
  •  If you don’t like my method, you can read about a couple of other conditioning methods Prolonging Hydrangea Blooms and let me know if they work.
  • Here is a site that details my method more completely (I envy people who write good step-by-step instructions….Hydrangea Mania

After looking at last year’s arrangement….I am tempted to cut the measley 7 blooms off my plants….but I love the teensy bit of color that they have in the garden!

SO….I KNOW I am off to the Farmer’s Market soon to buy some….I’m worth it….RIGHT???

Have a BLOOMIN’ Great Day!

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2 comments on “No More Droopy Hydrangeas

  1. Shirley

    I will have to try this method. I have some massive Annabelle flowers I’d love to cut to enjoy indoors. Thanks.

  2. florists daughter

    I have a huge hydrangea bush but very few blooms and the blooms I do have are drooping while still on the bush. It is an Endless Summer so it does bloom on old wood but I must be doing something wrong. Oh and it’s covered with all types of bees.

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