Autumn officially began on Saturday….

We had to cover the flowers to keep them blooming and it looks like it was worth it….

This week has been one filled with warm days and bright blue skies…..and it seems it will stay warm for another week!

But still….it is time to start thinking about Fall Decor around Sweetwater!

The Planter on the front steps is filled with a few mums, 
some transplanted sedum and a nice ornamental cabbage….
pretty cheap buys from Home Depot!
I pulled out this door decoration from the box of Fall stuff…..
But then…..
My lovely table decoration looked like this when I got home from work today!
TROUBLE…..your name is MARVIN!!!
And that isn’t the worst of it!!!
Notice the arrangement next to the menu Pig…..
It started out on the mantle next to the mirror….
But NO!!!
Marvin the Terrible decided that he would hop up there and bat it around….
AND ….
while he was up there he tried to crawl behind the big mirror 
that is just propped against the wall!!!
rather than risk the mirror crashing to the floor….
I had to put this up on top of the refrigerator!
(at least until Marvin figures out how to get up there!!)
I put this planter with artificial leaves and cattails on the mantel along with a fall themed wreath….I think it will keep Mr. Marvin from jumping up there because there isn’t enough room for him to get a foothold….we shall see!
After seeing all the cute tutorials for those stuffed velvet pumpkins….I searched through m fabric stash and DID NOT find any velvet….(guess a trip to the fabric store is in my future)!
I did have these two scraps of fall colored silk….and the pumpkin stems I had been saving since last year… I whipped these up!!!  Seriously….they took all of 10 minutes each to make!!!  
And….best of all….when Marvin starts batting them around they won’t break….Hah…I foiled that little guy!!!
Tomorrow I plan to stop and pick up a few pumpkins and gourds….those are kitten proof too!  I just wish Maxine could teach Marvin some manners!!!
Here is a handy tip for keeping your pumpkins from spoiling!
Give them a nice good soaking in the sink with a little Chlorine Bleach…..
This kills any bacteria that would cause them to rot!
When I take the time to do this…the pumpkins last all the way until Thanksgiving!

Happy Fall…..and wish me luck with Marvin!!!
I shudder to think what will happen when the Christmas Decorations come out!!!