Seems like I haven’t been doing much for BIG projects lately….
That makes writing “big wow” blog posts kind of difficult….

I decided instead to make a list of  “little things” that felt like “Small Victories” at Sweetwater this week….

 Small Victory  Number 1!

The Sweetwater Daughter has been bugging me to try this quick dry top coat from Sally Hansen….

She was soooo right!

I did my nails last Sunday and they still look almost perfect!

Small Victory Number 2!

I was in charge of buying the “raffle prize” for our staff development day at school…

I bought this beautiful mum…worth the $11 don’t you think?

But it wasn’t  worth the $6 they were charging for a basket to put it in….

So…I turned a grocery sack inside out and tied some burlap in a bow…..

Small Victory #3

  I “rediscovered” this lovely copper bowl I bought at “Boutique Bonne Volante” this summer….

I love when the original price tags are still on the stuff….$4.99 for a $40 item…

I picked some flowers for the little FItz and Floyd autumn themed vase….

Added the “Boutique Bonne Volante” trivet…..

and I have a nice little burst of fall on the kitchen island.

 Small Victory #4

The little glass pumpkin is another “Boutique Bonne Volante” find ($.99).
It is paired with a simple image that I printed and framed….almost FREE!
Small VIctory #5
We picked up this bunch of weed stalks on our Saturday morning trip to the Farmer’s MarketI stuck them into the copper kettle and with the addition of a couple of artificial pumpkins and the 2 mum plants, it makes a nice simple accent in the front entry.

Small Victory #6
Would you believe this gigantic bunch of eucalyptus was only $3.00 at the Farmer’s Market?
It smells great and I will be able to dry it and use it for holiday decorations…
hmmmm……wonder if Marvin likes eucalytus?
Small Victory #7
 I bought a pair of thes dENIZEN totally shaping stretch pull on jeans last week…
They are soooo comfortable…
The fabric has great stretch and is nice and sturdy…
Best…the front panel really does hold it all in…
I have already worn them 3 times……
Small Victory #8
These darling little Kindergarten kids are totally engrossed in a website that a girlfriend and I have been working on all summer.  It is a website aimed at helping families support their Kindergarten student in the immersion environment.  We tried it out for the first time last Friday….it is always so much fun to see your hard work pay off….the room was absolutely silent except for kids trying out their Spanish Vocabulary!  I would love you to go take a look at the site and let us know what you think!
Actually…..maybe this last one was more of a BIG Victory!!
Gotta go now….hope your week is filled with lots of victories whether they be BIG or SMALL!