I may have to admit that I went a little too far with the “use what you got” idea for the Sweetwater Deck Planters this fall.

They were sooooo boring…..all brown and kind of messy!
Needless to say…I am glad it is time to “winterize” these guys!
I am in the mood for simple and classic this year…..
First Step……out with all that brown boring foliage!
I leave the potting soil from the summer plantings in the planters….for obvious reasons!

 I did save some of the Pampas grass and other interesting weeds…..they  might or might not look nice as accents.  We shall see!
Next Step……the greenery!
Some from the Wisconsin Woods…..Some from the yard!

No “rocket science” here….just stick the stuff in so that it looks nice!!!
I had a bag of some nice big pine cones….
I was getting ready to get out the florist wire and start wiring them on to the pine boughs!
I hate doing this…..there had to be a better way!
Then I had an “AH HA” moment!
Don’t you just love when that happens?
Bamboo Skewers
Pine Cones
Hot Glue

Put them together……

What do you get?

Almost instant “Pine Cone Picks!

You would not believe how easy it was to tuck/stick the pine cones into the dirt….
Well…part of the deal is that we are having the warmest November here in Minnesota and the dirt is still soft….but whatever….it was really easy!

I will probably add a few more touches…..but if I don’t get around to it…
The view from the kitchen window is lots nicer now….
Next projects….
“winterizing” the center of the deck table 
the tall metal planters!!!

Of course….
I will keep you posted!!!!
 Have a Wonderful Day!
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0 comments on “Winter Planter Box Tutorial

  1. NanaDiana

    I am going to try to do that same thing tomorrow before the icy weather hits on Friday. Your planters look wonderful! xo Diana

  2. The Lovely Mrs. P

    Very nice! Thanks for linking up and for the inspiration!