Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

We had a delightful day…..small and low key….but wonderful non-the-less!

Now I am ready to DECORATE!!!!

I am a real stickler for waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to put up ANY Christmas Decor!

BUT…..thank goodness I did  break my own rule and get the planters by the firepit done Thanksgiving morning…..because from a sunny morning with 50 degree temps at 8AM the weather had turned to snow and 30 degrees by nightfall!

 You won’t be getting a closeup of the planters…..would you believe I was out there yesterday morning without a coat!!!???

My first goal for today is to get all the Holiday themed framed pieces on the walls.
Mainly because……
Marvin won’t be able to mess with them!!!

 Sure…..he looks sweet, innocent and calm…..but that is all a RUSE!

Yikes….we are a little (no a LOT) worried that our little Monster Kitty will be a REAL challenge this year with holiday decorations!

In fact I think THIS will be one of our most important tools around the house this season!

ENOUGH about Marvin for now…..

Most of my framed pieces started as Christmas cards….

These hang in the laundry room… they look nice on the freshly painted gray walls….
Thanks Mr. S!

Now you know I have my trusty mat cutter….and know that this allows me to mat any size card and put it in any size frame….

BUT…if you don’t have a mat cutter….(great to put on your Christmas list BTW)…

Since most Christmas cards are a pretty standard size….you could easily replicate these b heading to Bonne Volanté to buy a few frames….and to Micheals for some simple mats. 

This gorgeous card has Spanish text!

I love the browns and golds, so I matted it in a dark brown.

I think it will be nice in the orange/green/brown bathroom!

This little cat looking longingly at the bird outside the window always brings a smile…..

Especially when you know that it hangs on the wall three inches above the floor next to the cat food and water…..

These 3 coordinating gift tags aren’t really matted….

This was made PRE-mat cutter….

The frame came with the beige mat….I just glued the gift tags evenly apart on a gold mat board…..

Another tip for holiday art….look through your favorite Christmas Photos from the past….

This is a wintertime photo of the lake cabin that our family and friends frequented for YEARS….alas it is gone now….so framing this will keep the memories alive.

Best part…..my email had an offer from Walgreeens for a FREE 8 x 10 enlargement….so with a minimal purchase….seriously, I am soooo cheap I tried just ordering one 19 cent print….and it worked!

HMMMM….hope I have a frame…..

Maybe you have the ingredients for some awesome holiday art sitting in the closet right now!

Have A Great Day….I have to go chase Marvin out of the ribbon box now!!