Did you get flowers from your special someone for Valentine’s Day?
I “sorta” did!
I told Mr. S. he didn’t need to send me flowers….
He “sorta” listened….
On Wednesday this beautiful arrangement was delivered to me at school!
He told the florist that the flowers shouldn’t look like a Valentine!
The message on the card was NOT a Valentine Message!
But…..alas….I ignored him and considered them a Valentine anyway!!!
Thanks Mr. S!
I kept the flowers at school until Friday when I brought them home.
All those pretty flowers were still looking fresh for a couple of days.
This morning…..I noticed that a few were looking droopy!
I soaked some floral foam….
Got out this great looking silver bowl (a find at GW a couple of weeks ago)….
I took the florist arrangement apart….
Made new cuts on all the flowers that still looked fresh….
Here is the result!
Not bad…if I say so myself!!!
Mr. S. told me he thinks it looks nicer than the florist’s arrangement!
Maybe that compliment is nicer than the actual flowers!
I figure I can keep taking the drooping flowers out….
keeping the spirit of Valentine’s day for at least another week!
Have a Great Day!!!
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0 comments on “Make Your Valentine’s FLowers Last Longer

  1. NanaDiana

    Mary- Great job- It looks great and I love to extend the life of fresh flowers as long as I can- xo Diana