Most of my Goodwill shopping ends up being clothes and small household items….

Case in point….
 this cute yellow rain coat I found a couple of weeks ago has really come in handy during this Spring of NON-STOP Precipitation… is almost bright enough to cheer me up when it KEEPS raining/snowing/raining!   But enough about the weather already!

Now….on to the Goodwill furniture finds that are inspiring my Craft Room Reorganization!

I spied these two furniture pieces 2 weeks ago…..
One low storage bench with bins and one bench with 2 drawers with an open shelf!

They were in almost perfect shape…. just one bin missing and a small scratch on the top of the other….
They match the other furniture and cabinetry in the craft room….
The price was right….both pieces for a total of $27.00!!!

They didn’t  fit in the car…
so Mr. S agreed to go pick them up in the BAT (Big A** Truck)!  
He took the receipts and headed to GW….great….right?
not so great…

.I sorta forgot to tell him WHICH Goodwill I bought them at….ooops!
A phone call and a little!!! grumbling later and my new storage pieces were happily home in the Sweetwater Garage!

 I spent some time putting together a wall unit of sorts by combining some other pieces of furniture…..right now it looks like this…..

All those shelves, bins and drawers just waiting for some reorganization…..
AND…  since IT IS STILL RAINING….. that is how I am spending MY Saturday…

playing with my new storage!

What about YOU?
I hope that it is nice enough to go play outside at YOUR house!

Have A Great day!

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  1. Grammy Goodwill

    Great finds and it all goes together so well for your organization.