This post is the answer to the question……
We have this Baker’s Rack….
We bought it more than 30 years ago….
spent a lot of money on it (well a lot for 30 years ago)!
It has moved from house to house and from room to room.
It was originally black with shiny brass trim…
Then it was white with shiny brass trim…
Through all of those transformations….the glass shelves have survived unbroken….WOW!
The latest transformation is a paint treatment of burnished bronze spray paint.
(We finally covered up the shiny brass!)
The latest location is the front entry porch!
Looks fine….Right?
BUT….I just hate it when…..
the water drips under the ledge…and the glass gets dusty and grimy and I have to clean it!
or….I don’t clean it and it looks crappy!
Yeah…I know….not really much of a problem….but a darn good excuse for a craft project!!!
So off to the fabric store, YUP FABRIC!!!
This great printed burlap was only $5 a yard…I love the “Frenchy” look and don’t have anywhere in the house where it seems to fit…..but it was perfect for the upscaling of the baker’s rack!
Now….how could it be attached to the glass shelves in a “semi-permanent” way?
Then I remembered the big roll of “mounting tissue” that I salvaged from a long ago throwaway pile at school…..  
This stuff adheres paper to mounting board with heat….
 I figured it could adhere burlap to class with heat just as well!  
I got to work cutting the fabric, the mounting tissue and ironed it on….

It worked like a charm….and I figure with a little heat….it can be removed later on!
When I put the finished shelf on the rack….it looked pretty darn nice!

But…..I wasn’t quite satisfied yet….yeah….problems….problems…!
SO….I remembered the leftover rope/twine that Mr. S used for some project or another…
I got out the trusty glue gun….and trimmed out the edges!
(I hope Mr. S. didn’t have big plans for that rope!!!)
 The rope was the perfect finishing touch!
 Now we will just have to see how the mounting tissue treatment lasts out of doors!
And…..if it is removable when I get my next idea for transforming the baker’s rack!
Have A Great Day!
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