The entry to our house has always seemed a challenge to me.  It is like a big gaping square.  I love the dark blue door and the light fixtures but that is about it.  I have always wished that there was an overhead fixture….but alas that will never happen on our budget!
This summer I am going to make an attempt to fix the obvious…can you believe I thought those puny blue pots were the right scale?  I think something big and tall would be so much better.  Wish me luck!
Here are some amazing front entry plantings.
Any ideas for something I could use that wouldn’t cost a huge amount? I am going to start watching craigslist and Goodwill too.   Maybe even galvanized tubs.
Do you know what Hypertufa is? It is a lightweight concrete mix that you can form into semi-permanent shapes.  Read about it here.  I know that won’t get done by me this summer, but it always fascinates me.

Today, I did spruce up the baker’s rack that is up against the inside wall of the entry. 

This was just a matter of a few new begonias and a trip around the house to find some things that I liked.  Don’t you love the ceramic birds (gifts from my daughter)?
The little trick to note here is the use of spanish moss to disguise the nursery pots until I decide if this is the look I want.
I think when it is closer to July 4th, I will change this out to be totally patriotic, so I am not sure I want the begonias in any permanent planters.