I just had to share one of my latest Goodwill Finds!
I spied this great looking copper watering can way down low on the shelf!

 When I flipped it over to see how much it was going to cost…..

I saw the Bachmans (A fancy garden store in the Minneapolis area) price tag for…..


The GW price was pretty steep at $6.99….but hey….I am worth it!

A little polishing with some steel wool and my favorite Bar Keeper’s Friend….and I really do have a treasure!

That got me thinking of all the ways I use copper accents around Sweetwater!
These little copper planters in a tray fit perfectly on the kitchen windowsill.
Some greens from the garden…..a few flowers and they look like a sunny windowbox!
The planters were a GW find so long ago….I have no idea how much I paid!
This may not look “decorative” to you….
but the copper spigot and copper hose caddy are life savers when it is time 
to water the plants on the deck!
They aren’t cheap….but they last forever 
have lots of uses besides plant stakes!
 Here are 5 long stakes tied together at the top to make a support for climbing plants…
Haven’t decided what to plant yet…
Maybe Morning Glory
Climbing Beans
 This copper trellis was a gift many years ago and now supports a climbing rose…
The spot is a “bit” shady….so not too many blooms….but it looks nice down by the water!

A copper bird feeder brings a bit of shine to the shady part of the garden….

And even though this weather vane is only decorative…
it adds some interest and height!
This old copper boiler hides the downspout in the front of the house….
can’t wait ’til the day lily blooms and the Dahlia gets bigger!
This would be a real chore to polish….so let’s just say the aged look is nice!
last but not least….
The copper planters are “faux” painted garage sale finds….
they need some touch up painting some nice day…
the copper pot is holding a basil plant from the Farmer’s Market!  
another steal….$5 for that great big plant that I have already taken cuttings from!
As you can see….I love copper….and think it is a great accent for the Sweetwater Garden!
You can bet that I will be keeping an eye out for more little accents like these!

Have a Nice Day!

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  1. NanaDiana

    Mary- I have to say that copper is my favorite outside metal. I love all the ways you have used it in your landscaping. GREAT pictures- xo Diana

  2. The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥

    Oh this copper is gorgeous! Love everything… and how you use it! Thanks so much for sharing…hugs!!! It is featured today : )