Do you ever read a blog post and think….hmmmm…..that is something to think about doing?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Diane at In My Own Style posted about painting the base of her dishwasher.  Hop over and read about it and see what a difference her little project made in her beautiful white kitchen!

Well…. of course that made me look at our dishwasher……
Look at that!!!
It totally didn’t match the wordwork!
That started this conversation early on Saturday morning:
ME:  Mr. S, have you noticed that the base of our dishwasher is black?
MR. S: HUH?  What are you talking about?  
ME:  Look…the rest of the base cabinets are wood and the dishwasher base is ugly black metal…..I think we need to fix that!
MR. S: Do you think anybody can even see it?  And it probably needs to be that way to let air flow.   
ME:  Well,  remember all those slats we saved when we got new wood blinds for the den?
MR. S:  Yeah….but what about them?
ME:  What if we cut them to fit and stuck them on with Velcro?
MR. S:  Can I at least have a cup of coffee before I  do it?  And…..don’t read anymore blogs for awhile, OK?
ME: Oh….I suppose!!!
Fast Forward!
A few cups of coffee!
A trip to the basement to get out the saw…..
A little measuring…..
A little cutting…….
2  wood blind slats measured perfectly to size and sawed by the master….
4 little Velcro dots….
10 minutes of arguing….
5 minutes to put it all together…..
It looks great…..Crumbs on the floor and all! 
Thanks Mr. S for humoring me!!!
I think it was worth it!!! What do you think?

If you don’t have any leftover wood blinds….
YOU could go get a piece of molding….cut it and stain it….and do this at your house….
It wouldn’t cost more than a few dollars!
BUT…don’t blame me if it means a little spousal argument around your house!

Have a Great Day!