I bet everyone is asking your kids the same question.
“Are you excited about SCHOOL starting?

Because I am a teacher….I get the SAME question!

And just like your kids….I have ambivalent feelings about the answer to that question!!

I LOVE Back To School!
So….I guess it is Okay to answer YES AND NOI

In just two weeks I will be busy getting the Media Center in my school ready for those excited young faces who will show up on the first day of school.

This is the gorgeous library where I do my “Other Job”!

Oh…..those books lined up waiting for kids to check them out!
It warms the heart of a “Librarian”

The Blogosphere is filled fun “Back-to-School” posts that show all kinds of crafts, teacher gifts, posters, etc.

Well….since I have been “going back to school” for a whole lot of years, I thought I would do a couple of posts about  “Back to School”…..but from the perspective of a long time educator and the mom of grown children!

As much as I love crafts, fun recipes and cute school clothes…..that is something you all can find on other blogs!

I want to focus on ways you can  help your child (and you) connect school and home….
It will be sort of your own little Parent Information Night….except you can come in your jammies and you don’t have to sit in those little chairs!

This is essentially a repost of something I wrote last year at this time!
I have also written a bunch of posts about children’s books!
If you search Sweetwater Style with the search term books you can read them….you will find lots of suggestions for great books with annotations! (WOW….do I ever sound like a LIBRARIAN!!!)

We all want our students to be readers!
We know that the more kids read the more they know!

Some kids naturally LOVE to read….


if you are a parent of one of THOSE kids….you don’t have too much to worry about.

Kids who love to read will read all the time and get better and better at reading!

Some kids DO NOT LOVE to read….if you are a parent of one of THOSE kids….you worry ALL the time!

And I bet all that worrying doesn’t help much….

 Your child still fights you about reading!

I KNOW that you are always looking for concrete suggestions to help with the dilemma of the reluctant reader!

Here is my Five Cents Worth of Advice!

1. ….STOP worrying, fussing and begging….When you do these things it makes reading a battleground….and the “kid” doing the refusing….WINS!!! j

2. …. DISCOVER your child’s passion and look for books, magazines or Internet sites that are about the things your child loves.

Soccer, Earthquakes, Wars, Legos, Skateboarding…..There are great books about all of these things.

This Reading List Works with Kids Who Love Reading and Those Who Don’t

Guys Read a great site with book lists on all kinds of subjects that GUYS (and some girls) will love.

3. …..REMEMBER that reading is reading! Your child does NOT have to read stories or novels!  If YOU are reading this….you are READING and it isn’t a novel!

If your child likes the computer….try these sites:

StoryLine On-Line

Celebrities read favorite books to your student….then go to the library and check the book out.

James Earl Jones, Betty White and others…you will love them too.

KOL Jr. Stories 
Lots of stories….listen and read along to lots of favorites including some of the Arthur books

National Geographic Online Edition

Read Articles, play games and enjoy photos from on this high quality site.
The articles are short non-fiction snippets that kids will enjoy!

4. ….Let your child SAMPLE a book using Amazon

This is something that kids LOVE to do….log into Amazon Children’s Books

Look through the colorful illustrated book suggestions or search a topic that your child likes and use the LOOK INSIDE! feature….your child will be able to read a few pages of a book to decide if it something worth reading…then off to the library to check it out….if it isn’t a favorite….sneaky you….you still got some reading time in.

5.  …..WRITE something for your child to read!

Many of you READING this are WRITERS!  Many of you WRITE on your blogs every day!  Write a personal story about your child or something you remember from when you were little….Read it out loud to your child….add some pictures.

You can even publish it using any number publishing tools like Snapfish, iPhoto, Walgreens! I PROMISE you that your child will read it over and over again!

Now it is time for me to enjoy the last days of Summer because soon….this will be me!

Surrounded by kids…..not such a bad thing!!!!

Have a Great Day!

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0 comments on “Advice For Parents of Reluctant Readers!

  1. NanaDiana

    Mary- What a timely post. There is something so wonderful when a child "gets" reading-and all the worlds it opens to them. Most of my grandchildren love to read and I read to them when I can, as my parents read to me. xo Diana

  2. Carole

    Hi Mary, just popped over to let you know that your link to Food on Friday: Scallops was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series today. Cheers

  3. Elizabeth

    I am stopping by from the hop. I agree with all of your suggestions. It is not what your child is reading as much as the fact that they are reading. Graphic novels are also great for reluctant readers and now they are writing them for younger children. Thanks!

  4. Victoria Simcox

    This looks like a great learning tool as well as making it fun for children. 🙂

  5. Kriss MacDonald

    Seeing how much my kids love books I think it's great to inspire reluctant readers to also find that joy.

  6. Anonymous

    GREAT suggestions 🙂 Glad to hear them from a pro! We have a few years before Max goes to school, but we're getting started on the reading now. Thanks for linking in to the KLBH!