If you could get up close to the screen door in this picture, you would see that the 20 years of ins and outs have taken their toll.

The old door didn’t close on it’s own anymore….if we didn’t remember to pull it shut…
there was a chance that “good” old Marvin might push his way out to visit with the chipmunks that come calling! It was time to bite the bullet and buy a new storm/screen door.
Buying a new door is sort of like buying a new water heater…..or new tires….
you gotta do it….
you gotta get a good one….
you gotta spend some real money!!!!
It isn’t a lot of FUN!
We ordered the new door from Home Depot (had to be special ordered because the builder of our house had the “genius” idea that the Sweetwater front door was an INCH bigger than a standard door….GO FIGURE!
The new door arrived on Thursday….and was installed in less than an hour by an expert!!
He even advised me to call and get a discount because there were 3 tiny scratches in the paint!!!  I really laughed when they gave us a $50 discount…if we had done the install ourselves, I bet there would have more than 3 tiny scratches when were done!
NOW…the Blue Wooden door needed to be painted!
I don’t know about you….but picking a paint color at Sweetwater is NEVER an easy task!
The Door company has a paint that is a perfect match….
I pulled a few paint chips that I liked…
We got some samples….
Yikes….the matching paint was almost pink!
The other color was a little too “barn” red!
Besides….Mr. S is a “bit” of a PAINT SNOB!
He wanted oil based exterior….not some lousy latex!
He headed off to get some and was AMAZED to discover that no one makes OIL BASED door paint anymore….so he settled for paint that costs $40 a QUART!  (Good thing I like to shop at GoodWill!!!)
Looks like the car keys are one of the most important tools for this project!

Oh MY…this really doesn’t look like the paint chip….
Once it dried and darkened up, we decided it WAS the right color!
Mr. S put 3 coats on the door….oh…and just so you know….he had to admit that this latex paint almost “acted” like oil based….maybe he has become a convert!
I polished the brass….
Mr. S reassembled the hardware this morning…(now THAT is a puzzle I hope I never have to solve!)

I guess it is a LITTLE better than new tires or a water heater!
I love the way the red door shines on the interior when we have it open….
 The mat on the picture and the red in the cushions on the chairs really pop!
Funny story about the framed Picasso print….
Whenever we entertain and have “little boys” for our guests…
they spend a lot of time standing in front of the print and giggling at the “lady parts”!

Now I just need a new Door Mat and maybe will spray paint the blue planters red! 
Have A Wonderful Day!

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2 comments on “Shut The Front Door….and now we can!

  1. Lynn

    The new door looks great. We are screen door people and we have old doors to boot. When we’ve considered looking for some new ones, me and the old man(husband) don’t quite agree and eek…at the price. I do like the red. I’m sure having them install was the right move. Have a great week.

  2. NanaDiana

    Oh- Oh- Sounds like you are on a red roll. I love that red door. It really dresses up the front of the house- We used to sell and install windows and doors. It is a big job- xo Diana

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