If you read Sweetwater Style on a regular basis, you know that I like to switch out the wall art in the house….!

I have been getting better at taking picures….obviously NOT a pro….but good enough to hang them on the wall!

This is something that anyone can do!
I stopped at a cemetery one foggy day and took this photo!
  • An 11 x 14  enlargement at Walgreens was $10.
  • The frame was from Goodwill…probably about $5!
  • I matted it myself….but you can probably get a standard mat for another five dollars…or you probably have one hanging around somewhere!
Almost instant Wall Art!
Here is the Spooky Framed Photo hanging in the Laundry Room!
Feel Free to Click on the photo below to download the picture for yourself!
It would be cute in almost any size!

(I had to use SmugMug for the upload/download for you to be able to have a large enough image to have printed.  There is a tiny little download arrow in the very bottom left hand corner.  This will down load the large format of the the image.)
Click on the image below and you will go to this  SmugMug Page
Smug Mug Download Page
If anyone out there knows how to share a large format image in Blogger….could you let me know?  
Have a Great Day!

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  1. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    How spooky! I guess emailing would be the easiest way to send a big image. Happy Fall decorating my friend!