Wow….the Festival of Trees event is next Friday night.

The Sweetwater Daughter and I will spend Thursday afternoon decorating the tree we have designed!

All of the parts are ready…..

I thought you might like to see the way we have organized our plan so that on Thursday we can put the whole thing together quickly!  (at least that is the way we envision it)

Working “on-site” away from the Sweetwater Supply closet is always a challenge!
I am starting to put together a “tool basket” to make sure we have what we need!

From 5 GoodWill Sweaters to 40 + Mittens…..

With raffia added to make it easy to tie them on the tree!

 From slices of wood….to cute little ornaments….ust 2 coats of ModPodge…..and an eye hook.

We are still trying to decide whether to hang them with ribbon or raffia…probably raffia!

Lots of bows got made one night last week…..with a little help from a friend!

The secret to making these gorgeous bows can be found on the tutorial post from a few years back!

This Nordic inspired throw from HomeGoods sure has the Jan Brett look!

We have a copy of the book….it will go under the tree tucked between a couple of birch logs….

Now…..we just need to buy some of those wonderful pinecones from Michaels….the cinnamon smell is enough to make me drool!

So as you can see…..all the parts are done…..

We keep saying to ourselves….this seems toooo easy… I guess we (and you) will find out next week when we carry it all to the warehouse and start putting it all together!

We are proud to say that at this point we have spent way way way less than the $400 dollar allowance….like maybe way less than HALF of that!  All that money we didn’t  spend can go back into the coffers of the charity!

Have A Great Day…..and wish us luck!