All those trips to Good Will mean that there are lots of sweaters in my closet…..
I have a “couple” of drawers full….
I have a “couple” of under the bed storage bins full….
I DIDN’T have “hangers” full of sweaters because I have never been a fan of shoulder “nipples”!
You know…the bumps that happen when you hang up a sweater!
So when a friend showed me this trick….it was an “AH HA” moment!
This is how to “fold” a sweater over a hanger!
Start by folding the sweater in half along the center!
Lay the hanger on the sweater so the hook is in the armpit! 
Fold the arms over one side of the hanger!
Fold the body over the other side!
AH HA….a perfectly folded sweater on a hanger!
I think I will only use this for my really bulky sweaters…..
I don’t think it would be a good idea for Mr. S to actually see ALL my sweaters in the closet!!!
Better if some of them are behind closed “Drawers”!
Have A Great Day!