Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

We seem to be dragging….I mean extending….the celebration out over a long enjoyable week of one party after another.

We had a mid-day Brunch here for just our family on Christmas Day.
We sat in the beautiful sunshine in the living room to open gifts!
ARGHHHH…..the cat hair was floating through the sunlight…
It was on everyone’s clothes….
And I thought I had done a good job cleaning!!!
Glad it was JUST the immediate family…..
although I think I heard the Sweetwater Son say:  “that is just gross”!
Have you seen these toys….it was one of the requests for our Adopted Christmas Family!
The toy really looks “FUR-REAL” and after seeing all the cat hair that is collecting at Sweetwater….
Maxine and Marvin better watch out!!
Anyway….we are having a couple of gatherings for a bunch of people in the next few days….
I knew I needed to spend some serious time getting rid of the cat hair….

I spent a few minutes researching for some magic formula…..this link has a couple of things that might be interesting if you have a “fur-real” situation at your house.

Tips For Cleaning Pet Hair from furniture!

As for me….I just bonded with the vacuum cleaner for an hour or two…..it was sort of therapeutic 🙂

I washed all of the throws from the couches…..the lint trap told it’s own story!

Now if I can just catch the REAL  FUR-Real kitties at my house….I will use the furminator on them!

You have a Nice Day!

Link Parties
Freedom Friday  Sincerely Paula