Ghost of Christmas Past!
20 years ago….A Birthday Party for the Sweetwater Daughter!
8 Little Friends making Christmas Crafts and staying for a Sleepover!
What was I thinking!!!
It was fun….and certainly memorable
All I remember is that when the girls were finally snug in their beds….
I needed a glass of wine!

Ghost of Christmas Present!
A Birthday Party for the Sweetwater Daughter !
7 best friends making Christmas Crafts….and driving themselves home!
All I know is that this party was a lot less work….
The guests all brought contributions for snacking, dining and drinking….!
I have to admit…..there were a few tears….but they were from laughter…
 and the darling 6 week old baby who came with her mom!

You would not believe what these determined young women were able to put together in a little over an hour!

These are the stacked birch front step decorations…..

Just 3 birch logs tied together with some wire and ribbon….
Add some greens a few pine cones and a big red bow…

A definite statement piece!

Talk about statement pieces….this oversized planter weighs a ton….but it was worth bringing!

Greens, long birch logs, red dogwood and another bright bow!

It went together in about 10 minutes….and looks like something that you would pay bunches of money for a pro to put together…

 This is one of the swags made with the chicken wire form I wrote about earlier in the week.

That bow is really gorgeous….

Last year….the Sweetwater Daughter made her friend some light sconce swags for a gift….

This year that friend brought the ornaments and ribbon to the party and made her own!!!

This rustic container was a centerpiece at this friends wedding this fall…

She transformed 2 into some lovely table accents for her holiday home!

More front step planters on a smaller scale but still lovely….

This is a giant swag that will go over an arched doorway….

The chicken wire form trick went “giganto” to creat this look!

I do have to say I am glad I don’t have to figure out how to hang it up!

This little gem just might be the star of the show!
The little Santa bowl and miniature birch logs are super cute….
Instead of ribbon….the piece of rope twine is just the right touch!

I do have to say that the quality of the “Crafts” has made some dramatic improvements from 20 years ago… is one of those ornaments from Christmas Past….cute….and a fun memory!

We even FACETIMED a distant friend in New Orleans so she could read a favorite story in her excellent “Cajun Accent” ! 

All in all….a more than successful evening…..and certainly productive!
When the guests all left with their creations….I did have a glass of wine….but this time SO DID the birthday girl!!!
Now….tomorrow I am doing this same party (minus the wine) at school with some work friend….stay tuned for those photos!!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!