I hate to throw away a good serving tray….or vase….
but it seems that my favorites always end up with a little chip along the edge!
Don’t you just HATE that?

This chip is on the underside of a great Haeger planter that I got at Goodwill for $4!   You can hardly  see it….but still a chip!!

The tiny chip on the corner of this serving tray doesn’t impact the serving area…..but still it is a chip!
The chipped corner on this glass tray/vase is on the bottom corner….hardly evident but still a chip!
Here is a clever little trick that I have found to camouflage those incidental knicks!
I will leave it to you to decide if this is “genius” or just “WEIRD”!


 I just “put a bow on it”!
If you are a regular reader of this blog….you know I will put a bow on almost anything…
excluding of course Mr. S!!!
 Yup!  I use bows to cover up the chips….
and since I put bows on everything…..people probably think it is for decoration!!!
Pretty Sneaky…..huh!
I use that stick on reusable adhesive that teachers have used for years to hang stuff on the classroom walls….
it is perfect for this…
sticks on easily to both the bow and the ceramic…
Comes right off when it is time to clean the item!
The picture of the Haeger Planter would be better if the sun in the window didn’t make shadows…..BUT….I WILL NOT complain about the sun!

The little glass tray is filled with Sea Glass and a coordinating bow…..a nice touch for the bathroom.

This favorite low Pasta Bowl makes a perfect Wheat Grass Container….the raffia hides another chip!
OMG….you probably think that ALL my stuff is chipped….
it isn’t…..but I haven’t had to throw away really useful favorites because of this trick!
Have A Great Day!