Think now,  just think of the authors you know!
Those folks who write kid books that we all love so!
Dr. Seuss may just be the best!
He seems to be more well known that almost all the rest!
 Monday is Read Across America Day!
We honor Dr. Seuss every which way!
Maybe you would like to take some small looks!
At what we do in our school to get hooked on those books!
I absolutely love Read Across America Day!
First thing in the morning tomorrow, I will get on the loudspeaker and invite every person in the school to take a book out in the hallway and read silently for 15 minutes!
It is pretty impressive to see…..and almost silent!
Link To Fun Dr. Seuss Activities

This Link Will Take you to the page on our school website with lots of Dr. Seuss themed activities!

I am especially proud of the “Reader’s Oath” video!
Those kids were almost completely independent when they made it!

I had fun making these Truffula Trees….with a little help from a High School Volunteer….we whipped them up using pipe insulation….duct tape….and tissue paper!  I think The LORAX would be proud!

The trickiest thing was getting them to stand up….(there is a cardboard box with round holes under the plastic tablecloth!

And the table full of Dr. Seuss books alongside the Truffula Trees is a “Kid Magnet” for sure!

I hope you take a minute today or tomorrow to read yourself a Dr. Seuss book….but if not….
Here are some favorite quotes to ponder!

I hope YOU have a great day!