Recycled wood pallets used as garden planters are all the rage right now!
The Sweetwater Daughter designed one of these as a succulent garden last year!

 When the weather got too cold for the plants….she took the little succulents out and used glass containers (sourced at Goodwill of course) to create small terreriums to give as gifts!
(isn’t she clever????)

This year she planted a variety of flowers and plants in the same pallet!

 Here are some websites with tips for creating these thrifty space saving planters!

Design Sponge

The Design Sponge post has lots of good tips…..and obviously the process works!

The photo is from a great site that is all about LOTS of ways to use pallets in the garden.

I love the look of these colorful stains!

I need to spend some time browsing all the fun ideas….but the tips for the pallet garden are great to read before you start!


This painted pallet garden is great looking….but look at how the pots are just hung up on the nails!

It adds some nice dimension to the garden!

So clever!

Mr. S. is the source for pallets here at Sweetwater!  He found a couple of really nice ones….and we decided that a  vertical herb garden on the Sweetwater Mother’s deck would be just perfect!

So last weekend…we headed out to the lake to make the pallet garden!
We had all the supplies….
We had our tools…..
Should have been a slam dunk!
The pallet we were using didn’t have any support boards on the back side….so when we stapled on the landscape fabric and pour in the dirt….it just made a big mess…..I won’t share with you all of the @#@% words that were flying around!
Back to Sweetwater to add on some boards to support the fabric….
Back to the lake with the reinforced pallet!
And this time SUCCESS!

The pallet is still leaning against the deck railing until the plants are more established!
When it is tipped up straight some colorful flowers will be added to the top.
So now the Sweetwater Mom can just step outside her door and harvest her herbs!
She did report that the squirrels have been visiting…..but that is just some entertainment for her!
I think some cute plant markers would be a fun addition!

This site has a WHOLE bunch of cute DYI plant markers!

So there you have it…..something to put on YOUR to do list…..if you need more TO DO!

Have a great day!

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