The weather in Minnesota has been “interesting” this summer!
If you don’t speak “Minnesotan”, you probably don’t understand that when someone uses the term “interesting”, it is probably less than complimentary!
I know there are lots of people who are still cleaning up from torrential rains…..which is very serious and costly business.
At this point I am putting my tongue in my cheek and will show you the “horrible” storm damage at Sweetwater! The storm damage was so bad… entailed the need for an entirely new roof!

Yup…..the Fairy House took a direct hit from the torrents of rain…..all the bark fell off the roof and the furniture was overturned!!!!  OMG!  What to do?

Well… was a simple matter of letting things dry out and then putting new bark on the roof with construction adhesive this time!  (the hot glue couldn’t stand up to the “interesting” weather!

The process took about 20 minutes and didn’t cost a thing…..
Again….my apologies to anyone out there who is dealing with expensive and time consuming repairs from the weather.  We feel so fortunate that we did not have to deal with that!

The little plastic doors and windows also took a hit from the weather…..I made new ones using twigs and pieces of wood shims that were lying around.  Of course….the doors needed to be red to match the front door at Sweetwater!!!

While I was in the “remodeling” mode, I decided to go searching for ways to create accents for the garden!  I found some very fun resources and ideas that you might be interested in!


This SITE has lots of inspiration…..especially this patio set made from slices of logs!

Thimble Planters

How simple to use an old thimble….the aged patina is a nice touch….and add a little moss to make Fairy Planters!


Fairy Inspired

This site has a wonderful list of all kinds of common household items and suggestions for ways to use them in your gardens.

Now it is time for me to actually create some of this stuff!

I think I will use some of these ideas in the “front gardent” and the little Fairy Garden in the Birdbath could use a little landscaping too!

….Mr. S says that I have too much time on my hands…..but hey….I can’t think of a better way to act like a kid!

Have A Great Day!

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